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These pages index which characters, etc., appear in what episodes/pages in the comics. The index pages are updated every few days.

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The Index column

On the left, the Index column is the list of tags, each highlighted in a coloured blob, with number of occurrences in [ ] and perhaps a short explanatory text if someone has got round to it. Click on a tag blob to show only the pages with that tag.

The Pages Column

On the right, in the Pages column, each page of the comic is listed, with a link to the actual comic page, some descriptive text – a page title or a line from the dialogue – and tags for the characters and other points of interest on that comic page (see What’s Tagged). Click on a tag blob to show only pages with that tag.

How To Search

The general idea is to help you find a particular page or set of pages in the comic when you can only recall who was involved, not the actual page url.

To show the page entries with a particular character click or tap any instance of that character’s tag either in the tag list or any individual page entry. Pages not having that tag will be hidden.

Click another character’s tag to show the pages with both of them appearing. Some combinations won’t have occurred so the page list may be empty.

Click a selected tag a second time to de-select it. That will show pages with all the remaining tags, or all pages if that was the last selected tag.

There’s a Clear All button (tag) at the top of the Pages column that de-selects (almost) everything.

At the top of the Index column there are a couple of filters to help:

  • find text in the page and tag lists, and
  • show tags with a particular first letter.

Problems / Solutions

Everything is done in-browser, so you need a reasonably modern desktop or mobile browser with javascript enabled.

If, like me, you use javascript filters like NoScript, allow this site and for the jquery underpinnings.

If you are on a slow connection (e.g. on a bus in a reception greyspot in the wilds of Scotland…) wait for the page to load fully before filtering, clicking tags, etc.

Occasionally the javascript loses the plot and stops selecting / de-selecting: refresh the page.

Cosmetic issue: Clear All does not clear the selection in the tags starting with filter, though it does clear the filter. Click the highlighted letter to de-select it.

See also: Progress

What’s tagged

What is tagged has evolved from the original characters seen on pages concept, which should be complete, to include places, things and other detail which will be in different states of completeness depending when in an index page’s life I decided to start adding a particular tag and whether I’ve had time to backfill. See Progress.

Current tagging plan:

  • Who
    • Known, named characters on-page: Antimony, Ash, Monica
    • Speaking generics: PoliceMan, PoliceMan2
    • Significant mentions of an off-page character
  • Where
    • General location (Monica’s House not Monica’s Bedroom)
    • Dream – from daydreams to nightmares
  • What
    • Props and details when significant: typically Phone is tagged when used, but not when shown in background as a phone on a desk
    • Symbolism – when blatant enough for yr humble tagger to spot it
  • When
    • in-comic significant dates, e.g. Halloween, specific days, dates
    • flashbacks to earlier events
  • Specific rather than general
    • Daren’s Bar (specific) is not tagged as a Bar (generic) as well.
    • Appearances of Misfile’s Rumisiel are only tagged with Angel if he is strongly displaying the Angel nature: Wings, Halo, whatever.
  • Meta
    • e.g. Fillers, guest comics, art pages, special colour pages (for a b&w comic)

(but note that no plan survives contact with the enemy…)

Technical Notes

The key parts of the index system are on GitHub: the text source index files, the tags lists and the script that ties them together into web page parts. These are committed every week or two so are a little behind the live pages.

To link to an index entry for a tagged character, item, place, etc., use the tag name in lower case. So to link Ash’s car, tagged as XR4Ti use


Format and ongoing tagging by louisxiv.

  • Character tagging believed complete everywhere (E&OE).
  • Misfile: page descriptions and prop tagging is still patchy in books 10-17.

Thanks to snipergirl for javascript selection/search.

Gunnerkrigg: Thanks to spritznar, philman, morpheus, snipergirl for initial tagging, Gotolei for the favicon.

2016-01-24 [all] updated generator script to work with Python 3.5.1, markdown 2.6.5
2015-06-02 [all] Scroll-to-top widget fixed – thanks to Rob for the assistance
2015-05-31 [all] Switch from Blueprint to Bootstrap CSS framework, which broke scroll-to-top widget. Added common help/about page.
2015-05-20 [mis] Thanks to Rob for the Pool tags.
2015-05-05 [wap] take-on completed, updates and additional detail hereafter
2015-03-18 [all] Chrome 41: slow display of selected tagged pages is a known Chrome issue. Change browser, update or revert
2014-11-21 [wap] Initial build
2014-08-31 [mis] added tags for rain and snow throughout
2014-08-18 [gun] Thanks to ditchboyus for reporting missed tags in 1381, 1392, 1393, 1379, 1380
2014-07-17 [gun] Thanks to ThatOtherPerson for the exhaustive page date scraping
2014-04-25 [gun] Thanks to Ian Patient for the location ID in p.1177
2014-04-20 [all] minor layout changes resulting from sass-ing the css for consistency between the Misfile & Gunnerkrigg indexes
2014-03-23 [all] replaced selectable <span> with <a href="#"> for better mobile experience (louisxiv)
2014-03-09 [all] multi-tag select javascript (handler.js) and css tidying (snipergirl)
2014-03-02 [all] index file format extended and generator script now common
2014-02-23 [gun] index file format change and new, more generic, processing script (louisxiv)
2013-11-30 [gun] G hand lens favicon by Gotolei adapted from Tom Siddell’s original G.
2013-11-17 [mis] Chapter selection, updated generator script
2013-11-17 [gun] Chapter tags processed in (louisxiv)
2013-09-21 [mis] reformat page entries so comment/description comes before the page’s tags.
2013-06-23 [mis] updated generator script,, adds page and tag counts.
2013-06-18 [gun] take-on completed, updates and additional detail hereafter
2013-06-16 [gun] louisxiv added Markdown formatting of descriptions (
2013-06-12 [gun] louisxiv added tag counts, ids for internal links (
2013-06-09 [mis] Switch to the search/select/scroll functions by snipergirl
2013-06-07 [gun] Snipergirl’s search and scroll-to functions added
2013-06-04 [gun] Snipergirl’s selection system; page part generator
2013-05-31 [mis] much more automation in the page generation from the text index file, improves consistency of tagging as well as making updates easier and therefore faster.
2013-05-30 [gun] First test of the page part generator
2013-05-26 [gun] 1st upload
2013-02-16 [mis] performance of the hide/show selection is pretty dire on my iDevices so I’m looking at adding a simpler page of characters’ names with page links to the comic. Soon as the next Round Tuit batch arrives I’ll knock up a python script to generate both the current and the new format from the same source file.
2013-01-31 [mis] take-on completed, updates and additional detail hereafter
2013-01-05 [mis] Just noticed that accessing this page over my mobile (cell) network breaks the selection, probably due to inept compression or optimisation of content by the carrier. Bah. YMMV though. Works fine over real wires. —Fixed with a cache-control entry in the .htaccess
2012-12-24 [mis] 1st upload